Why a Female Focus?

A couple of well-meaning people expressed concern when we told them our business would have a focus on helping women amplify their message, in case it came across as ‘exclusionary’.

Let's clarify, we will take on clients from any background, any gender, any age, any race, any religious orientation, any sexual orientation, if we think we can do the project justice. If someone thought that our wish to act as a champion for women means we would put anything less than our heart and soul into any other project, frankly we wouldn’t want their money anyway – if they don’t understand our ethos then the chances are we won’t understand them or their needs, nor would we have the ability to fulfil them, making the odds of a successful working partnership unlikely.

The simple fact is, we need organisations that either focus solely on or pay particular attention to women, because we have yet to achieve gender equality in business and beyond, and we feel proud that we can create content that helps women’s causes and projects garner visibility and success, while simultaneously playing a small part in ushering in change.

So to sum up, anybody that wants to give a business, a charitable cause, an event, an entertainment venture, or anything else a boost that can reach your demographics in different ways, no matter who you are, we would love to chat about how we can help.