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Under The Table Media is a firm with many areas of expertise, even if we do say so ourselves. Here is a brief breakdown of what we can do.

Video Marketing, Film Production, Under the Table Media



When we produce video content, we don't just edit a two minute film and send you on your way. We tailor the footage to whichever digital platforms resonate with your audience, all as part of one package.

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Social Media Marketing, Under the Table Media


We know what works online. Let us go further with your footage, accompanying it with carefully crafted posts, bespoke for each platform and designed to reach the right audience, just like your video content. 

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Content Writing, Under the Table Media



Whether it’s blog posts, press releases, news articles or anything in between, our content comes from a journalist and marketer with a unique ability to combine the two skills for engaging, impactful writing. 

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Film Production, Under the Table Media



Our Head of Production is an experienced director, producer and editor on numerous films, including award-winning shorts, and our Head of Content is an experienced scriptwriter, so we can help bring your film to life. 

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Podcasts, voice overs, Under the Table Media



Our goal is to be a one-stop solution for whatever you require to boost engagement with your brand, so we are working on adding a number of additional services. If you’re not sure if we provide something, just ask! 

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