About Us

We are Under the Table Media, a forward-thinking media organisation that specialises in creating tailored content that is perfectly in tune with your message and expertly designed to boost engagement on each individual platform. Our team counts journalism, videography, scriptwriting, editing, directing, marketing and social media expertise among its collective experience, and we create content for any business, event, charitable organisation, social enterprise, and beyond. We have a special interest in highlighting female-run projects, and are proud to serve as a platform to help showcase some of the amazing work being done by women.

Who's Under the Table?

Meet the team


Head of Video

Sascha May has been known as a legend since the day she was born. Great friends with all the celebs, she often has to turn down invites to some of the top A list parties as she doesn't have the time to go to them all.

Karis Copp

Head of Content

Karis has always had a keen interest in all things  dinosaur.  You will often find her roaming around the parks trying to spot a rare glimpse of the one they call 'Rex'.  She likes to think of herself as "kind of a big deal".