We are Under the Table Media, and our mission statement is simple: to create compelling, entertaining content. We cater to everyone, but we specialise in championing women in business, women’s causes, and women in the arts. We can provide whatever you need to tell your story in your unique voice, whether that’s video production, social media marketing, blog writing and everything in between. If there is a promotional channel you’re not sure if we can help with, let us know! Our job is to cut through all the marketing jargon to capture the passion and spirit of your project, and make sure it translates to the people you want to reach.

What We Do

Under The Table Media is a firm with many areas of expertise, even if we do say so ourselves, but above all else we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to exactly what you want to achieve and provide whatever you need to reach that goal. You can find a more detailed breakdown of our services below.

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As we may have mentioned, we like to do things a little differently at Under the Table Media, and that means we don’t play by the ‘blogging rules’ – we write about whatever we damn well feel like! That means our main focus for the blog is to bring you content that means something to us, which may be a project we’re excited about, an issue that means something to us, or just to share something we believe to be inspiring or helpful to our audience. If you like what you see and feel you have something to say that fits our ethos, get in touch! We would love to include interesting guest posts on our blog.

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